Disabled Facilities Grants Logasnet return 2015/16

I'm trying to finish this return before the 31st October deadline. I cannot enter the 'Main DFG Allocation' in cell S000DF, which means that cell F019DFM will not report the correct 'Total overall DFG expenditure' unless cell F017DFM is inflated to include the grant that should be in cell F018DFM.

I reported the problem to the Logasnet and DFG teams a couple of weeks ago. I haven't had any response that has helped. I'm considering entering the figures as indicated above and telling the DFG team by e-mail. However, I suspect different councils will find other approaches so the return might not be completed consistently. I wondered what other councils have done to get round the problem?
  • I'm not sure what is required in cell F02DFM 'Estimated local authority contribution towards overall DFG expenditure in 2016-17'. Is this expenditure other than that funded by the main grant for 2016/17? Or the total budget for 2016/17?

    I'm not confident I'd get a response from the DFG in time if I asked for advice.
  • We had the same problem and after speaking to the helpdesk established that the S000DF figure would only be populated for County Councils and for everyone else the figure is greyed out, so we were advised to submit the return without completing cells S000DF and F018DFM.
  • Hi Michael
    I took cell F02DFM to mean additional contribution over and above the grant. Your capital programme would show the total planned spend of £x000 to be financed by £y000 grant and £z00 LA.
  • Thanks for your advice.

    For the first time in a long time our grant allocation for DFGs is likely to exceed the total we can spend in the financial year. This means we should not need to contribute to the total DFG expenditure for the year. If I leave cell F020DFM blank, DCLG will not know whether or not we will spend all of the allocation for the year. I think I'll send a note to DCLG to explain what the figures represent.

    I hope the 2016/17 return catches up with the grant allocation mechanism and allows us to provide figures in a way that reflects how we have financed our total DFG expenditure.
  • It will be interesting to see the 16/17 return!