Business Rates Reconciliation Grant

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[b]IAN GEARY (London Borough of Croydon)
posted: 14th March 2018 09:23:48
Good morning,

my authority has received a letter from MHCLG regarding amounts due to/from us in respect of the 16-17 business rates reconciliation.

I recall last year this was accompanied by a spreadsheet, which set out the various reconciliation calculations.

Can anyone point me to this spreadsheet? As I can''t seem to find it on

Many thanks,


[b]Michael L. JACKSON (Chorley Borough Council)
posted: 14th March 2018 11:16:00
I think it should be the sum of rows 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 36 and 39 of Part 4 of NNDR3 2016/17. This gives the difference between S31 Grant paid on account during 2016/17 and the sum arising from NNDR3.

The flood grant identified in row 33 (if relevant) has not been dealt with, not the reconciliation figure identified in NNDR3 2015/16. I assume we will have to accrue these sums yet again.

[b]Michael L. JACKSON (Chorley Borough Council)
posted: 14th March 2018 11:30:35
Going off topic, is TISonline on the new improved website platform yet? There''''s still a yellow banner at the top of the page saying the discussion forums are unavailable.

Will the new platform solve the double apostrophe problem?

How about the problem which fools people into thinking they''''ve not posted so they submit the same post twice or more?

I''''ve posted this using Chrome rather than MS IE to see whether it makes any difference.

UPDATE: No, using a different browser did not help.