Chief Constable powers in respect of making grants for crime reduction

Good afternoon,

I have been asked to get some advice in respect of grant funding our Chief Constable is proposing to make to a Community Safety Partnership in the county. The purpose of the grant funding relates to crime and disorder reduction, and is fairly immaterial in terms of financial value.

Currently this funding is provided by the PCC, however, as this arrangement is soon to be withdrawn a proposal has been made for this to come from the Chief Constable instead. The question I have been asked is whether he is legally entitled to do this?

Our concern is that within the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 the relevant sections in respect of grant funding (in particular crime and disorder reduction grants) appear to be primarily aimed at PCC powers. Furthermore, within our own financial regulations it clearly defines grants as being distinguishable from 'contributions' which the Chief Constable can make from his budget, in respect of facilitating joint operational activities. My interpretation of all of this is that it is therefore only the PCC who can make grants for crime reduction purposes, and not the Chief Constable.

Can anyone shed any light on this please and/or confirm whether my understanding is correct?