Grant register request

Is anyone able to share with me their grant register?

I've been working on one and I'm looking to share it with other local authorities, but I'm interested what you include in yours

  • Hello Jonathan.  Hope you are well.  Very interested in this.  We have an Audit Managers Forum and last week we were discussing grants that will need an assurance statement from Audit before submission; so it would be good to see a comprehensive grants register to identify which grants would qualify.

  • We have recently started an Audit Managers Forum and would be interested in the register once complete as it will provide a comprehensive list of grants that may need an assurance statement from Audit before submission of returns.  I would expect the register to contain name, description, source, amount, applicable period and service area, how it is to be paid and where .who to; returns submission date and address/dept to be returned to, responsible officer and contact within the local authority.