Business Rates - to Pool or not to Pool!

Hi, Just wondering what other authorities views are on continuing to have a business rates pool in 21/22? MHCLG have an October deadline to state intentions but without knowing what reliefs will be in place for 21/22 and what the S31 grant might include in compensation, this is a tricky one to predict. Thanks

  • Hi Holly, I hope you are well, keeping positive and testing negative :). 

    Apologies as it's  a bit late to respond for 21/22 but I had the same question.  On balance we decided not to pool for two reasons: 1) outturn will be almost impossible to predict and: 2) we did not have a suitable partner to pool with.  My LA, Dorset, was only formed on 1/4/19 and comprised 5 district/borough and county council - so we sort of pooled anyway when we consolidated our five NNDR1/3 forms.  That all said, it is certainly something we'd not rule out in the future. This year is probably not the year to do it though.