Asset management system and fixed asset register

We are currently looking at buying in a new software package to try and link up our fixed asset register and asset management programme as at present they are being held separately. Ideally we would like to have them in the same software rather than an interface. We have Agresso at present and have tried using the Agresso fixed asset register and had mixed results. Was just wondering what everyone else uses and if anyone could recommend any solutions?
  • We use Authority Financial's Asset Module (as we use their GL etc) but I would say it's more of an accounting package than Asset Management software.
  • We have recently decided to go over to the CIPFA Asset Register. Although we won't be using more than this functionality, the extensive asset management system it is part of does look quite interesting if you are dedicated to using a fully integrated system. I would advise you to have a look at their AssetManager.NET software in your deliberations.