Hi, We have received an email from CIPFA regarding their new Financial Management model which is an online diagnostic toolkit the financial management of our organisation. Has any other LA purchased and used this model and what benefits has it made to your organisation?

  • Oh, darn. I was hoping that this thread was about a new local radio station for public sector finance professionals ...
  • ... broadcasting on 100MHz, increasing by not more than 2Mhz per annum unless subjected to audience participation - guaranteed for four years so long as you don't channel-shift. Tune in each week for "The Accountants", an everyday story of finance folk. Or for "Just A Budget", in which there are grants available so long as you don't deviate from the grant conditions, hesitate to spend within ridiculously short timescales, or repeat funding announcements. Or repeat funding announcements.
  • Hi,

    I'd be quite interested in finding out how people got on with the new CIPFA FM Model as well. We have previously used the old CIPFA FM Model and were wondering what benefits the new model brings to the organisation - in essence, do the outcomes justify the fees?