Fraud Bulletin for Staff

We''re considering issuing a fraud bulletin to all of the Council''s staff. This would be by electronic distribution and therefore be a cheap quick win.

The format would be:

* Useful advice to employees on fraud prevention, at home and in the workplace (e.g. cyber-scams)
* Raising awareness of fraud risk within the organisation
* Raising awareness of the Council''s firm zero-tolerance approach to fraud and our loss recovery strategy which includes recovery of fraud loss from an employee''s pension benefits (intended as an active deterrent)
* A bit about NFI and other initiatives designed to catch the fraudster (active deterrent)
* Sharing success stories (active deterrent)
* Reminding managers of their responsibilities to operate a robust internal control environment

We want the bulletin to be perceived as helpful, the sort of comms. a good employer does, whilst subliminally giving the message that fraudsters do get caught and are dealt with firmly, be that through disciplinary channels, through the courts and/or through full loss recovery.

Counter fraud good practice suggests that we should take an awareness raising approach such as this but we''re conscious that we do need to get the tone right. We would not want to give a widespread impression that we are mistrusting of our staff.

Do any authorities do anything similar? If so, how is it received?


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