Business Rates fraud


Despite the little reporting of Business Rates Fraud, there has been some conversations about projects in this area.

Has anyone conducted any projects to identify Business Rates Fraud?


  • Hi Arjun,

    I agree it seems to get little coverage. I know that the Charity Commission are keen to work with local authorities in identifying fraudulent claims for charity exemptions on Business Rates. Maybe worth pursuing.

  • @Neil Farquharson

    Thanks for posting. I was aware of that. I've been speaking to some LA Treasurers and Chief Internal Auditors on NNDR. There is a general perception that there is a lot of undetected NNDR fraud/error. However, there are still risks to LAs here: 1) are these fraud/errors recoverable? 2) do LAs have the capacity to investigate and/or recover? An LA may double their caseload?