HRA - Right to Buy Schemes

We are currently looking at redeveloping a site as part of our RTB 1-4-1 programme. As the site stands now there is 5 dwellings and after demolishing and the rebuild there will be a total of 10 dwellings.

As part of the 1-4-1 scheme we are unable to apply RTB receipts for the 5 dwellings as these are not additional however does anyone know if it’s acceptable to apply a grant to these dwellings?

  • I'm assuming you mean use a grant from Homes England (H.E.)?

    We have completed schemes with H.E. grant on some units and using 1-4-1 on other units - as long as you do not use grant and 1-4-1 on the same unit it is OK. (I warn you it does make the calculation of eligible expenditure for the Pooling Return slightly more complex.)

    H.E. will not allow "1-4-1" to be used on units they have awarded grant on.

    If there are any other grants available it would depend on the conditions.

    Remember the demolition costs cannot be supported by 1-4-1.