forex and traders

It is no secret to anyone that 90% of investors who decide to enter the forex market end up failing. With such low success rates, why are there people who still try? The answer is that Forex is a great place to earn a lot of money and today there are people who make their living trading forex.
Today, there are many who take advantage of their sporadic moments of success to pretend they are successful in Forex. These individuals try to deceive others with huge profits that they were able to obtain with luck, but that they can hardly maintain in the long term. On the other hand, the really profitable operators are those who can generate profits consistently over time. Although the large institutions and investment funds are those that handle a large part of the volume in the Forex market, there are people who, thanks to their incredible strategies, have left a mark.
Perseverance is part of that power so great that some traders have to move forward, Fernando Martínez Gómez-Tejedor is not the exception, he has commented through an interview a few years ago that when he started he lost a lot of money, but it was his desire to recover the lost money which led him to anticipate all the schemes expected in the face of financial crises and stock market crashes. He currently owns virtual banks, companies as a trader, and is known in the world of finance and even as a collector of works of art and terraplanista.