Use of non RTB HRA Capital receipts n Regeneration schemes


Are there now any restrictions or limitations on use of non-RTB HRA capital receipts to support HRA Regen schemes ?

Think Councils were required to calculate a ''capital allowance'' on HRA regen schemes then this would be the amount of funding which could be applied from non-RTB HRA receipts.

But then this requirement was eliminated from 2013 so even receipts received before 2013 could be used without any requirement to calculate the capital allowance first ?

We have borrowing restrictions in place so are trying to maximise use of all our reserves.

Any views most welcome,

  • No restrictions that I am aware of.

    The Capital Allowance was a device to protect non-RTB housing receipts from pooling - from memory you just had to declare what you were planning to spend on regeneration (with quite a wide definition) and then didn''t have to pool non-RTB housing receipts up to this value.