Exceeding the 200 limit and reopening the HRA

This authority stock transferred some years ago and closed its HRA.

It is now plans to seek a direction to acquire directly up to 200 individual properties to meet homeless needs rather than use expensive temporary accommodation.

At some stage it is likely the 200 limit will be exceeded.

Any experience/views on accounting for stock in the general fund and what would happen in the event of exceeding the 200 would be appreciated
  • What (statutory?) direction would you be seeking?

    If you intend to acquire "to meet homeless needs" then presumably you''re relying on Homeless Act 1996 powers, rather than Housing Act 1985. I don''t think that you''d need to re-open an HRA unless you''re planning to charge sub-market rents on the acquired properties, no matter how many of them there are.

    If the properties will be "let" on licenses, I think you could account for them in the GF as though they were any other form of temporary accommodation. If you plan to use them as long term accommodation, then you''d probably need to include them in a company structure to be able to issues ASTs.

    I''d advise that you get the objectives agreed and legal advice on powers and structures before considering the accounting issues.