Large Housing Developments through the HRA

Is there any Councils who are progressing with large housing development schemes through the HRA? (Rather than a separate company?)
We are currently looking into the potential to develop a large site for Housing (300+ properties). But for any large site to be financially viable, we would need to supply a mixed tenure of housing. Some to be retained as affordable rented through the HRA, some as Shared ownership, and some to be sold on the open market. Can the HRA build new properties to sell directly on the open market, if the Capital Receipts help fund the development of the scheme?
  • We are currently developing a smaller scheme, but it has mixed housing. The market sales will be accounted for in the general fund as this cannot be via the HRA. HRA will be allocated the costs of affordable housing - which will include an appropriation of land to the HRA as it is currently all GF.
  • Thank you for your reply. It was as I suspected, our problem being our GF is unlikely to afford adding this to its current Capital Programme, which will mean any large potential developments will not go ahead until a separate Company can be set up, which will take months.

    I don''t suppose you could send me a link to any legislation/regulations your Council use relating to this? I struggled to find anything, and it would be useful to refer to.

    Thank you.
  • Here is a link to our committee report when we set up our wholly owned housing company - i''m not sure if it will give you what you need, as I wasn''t directly involved in the set up, but I hope it is useful!