MTD-Agresso/BW-use of tax module


We in Harrogate use Agresso / Business World and have always prepared our VAT manually based on the general ledger VAT account. If we want to be able to use Agresso/BW for MTD then I understand that we need to use the tax module. Does anyone make proper use of the tax module on Agresso / BW and if so would you be willing to share with me how you use it?

We use VAT indicators for debtor / creditor transactions so that these are picked up in the tax module but other items in the general ledger VAT account are not picked up - such as journals (eg corrections, VAT receipts, procurement card transactions and so on), VAT on payroll expenses (part of the payroll file), VAT only transactions and reverse charge items. I need to work out how to get these to feature in the tax module and the best way of doing so - whether that be by extending the use of VAT indicators (and using them when processing journals etc) or whether we should be making use of the 'tax systems' functionality (something we don't know a lot about).

It would be really helpful to understand how others are dealing with these issues. I am not actually back in the office until later in July after today, but if anyone would be happy for me to contact them later in the month that would be greatly appreciated.



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